Darwin Day

Why celebrate Charles Darwin’s Birthday?

  1. to show appreciation for an amazing scientist, thinker, and all-around nice guy
  2. to showcase Darwin, evolution and natural selection in a positive, fun light
  3. to encourage education in evolution, natural selection and the life & times of Charles Darwin

Darwin Day 2019 – Fingerprint Fossils. Fossils are the fingerprints of the past. Use your fingerprints to recreate some fossil favorites.

Darwin Day 2017 – Trilobites! Piece together a group of diverse trilobites. Color your favorite trilobite sticker. Make your own little cephalon masks. Pose for a picture in a Cambrian habitat!

Darwin Day 2016 – Dino Snow. Cut out your own dinosaur/fossil snowflakes.

Darwin Day 2015 – Coloration Mutation Station

Darwin Day 2014 – Pear Pressure

Darwin Day 2013 – Evolution Cookies

Darwin Day 2012 – Pictures with Darwin

Darwin Day 2011 – Darwin Trivia