A New Project: Immersive Experience in Sustainable Living (IESL)

While the world is focused on a pandemic, there’s an even larger set of problems that we’d prefer to ignore. Human resource consumption passed the world’s ability to sustain it over 50 years ago. We’re in an extinction event (only the 6th one since in 600 million years). Glaciers melting, freshwater supplies decreasing, soil fertility … More A New Project: Immersive Experience in Sustainable Living (IESL)

Virtual Exhibit

Each year, as my Biological Illustration class wraps up, we hold an End-of-Semester Exhibit. The students frame their favorite illustration, write artist statements, and display their work on easels throughout the biology building. I enjoy seeing the students’ well-deserved pride in their work. THIS is the result of intrinsic motivation, something I wish I could … More Virtual Exhibit

A Little Give and Take

Our Guest Artist is L. Ciccone, who looked into plant-animal mutualism. Download a coloring book page of this illustration! Plants have many diverse ways of repelling predators, including developing beneficial partnerships This species, Japanese cherry is commonly used as a decorative tree throughout the eastern United States. In order to defend new leaves from being … More A Little Give and Take

Decline of Insects (in Nature AND in Textbooks)

Insect populations are declining… a lot. Recently published research from around the world indicates massive loss of these extremely important animals. Insect coverage in Introductory Biology textbooks has also declined (75% over the past century). Read the article in American Entomologist. Or check out the recent media coverage: Popular Science MagazineLab Out Loud (NSTA podcast)Science … More Decline of Insects (in Nature AND in Textbooks)

Nature and Creativity

Jennifer Landin is a biologist, illustrator and science educator. As an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at NC State University, Jennifer teaches biology to non-scientists and biological illustration to non-artists. Teaching and research interests include: increasing awareness of biodiversity and evolution  sharing an appreciation for all wild life through visual arts and creativity  … More Nature and Creativity