Animal Diversity Personality Quiz

If you walked into a party full of animals, only one in 40 party animals would have a backbone. And that one would probably be a fish. Furry and feathered animals are great, but they make up 15,000 species out of almost 10 million (that’s less than 1% for any of you without a calculator handy). Our focus on large, warm-blooded animals is called Taxonomic Bias. Overcome bias… Take the quiz! What Animal Are You?

As a final assignment in the Animal Diversity Lab this semester, I asked students to review many of the phyla we covered by creating a What Animal Are You? graphic. The results were absolutely delightful. I would like to thank A. Ojeda, L. Ciccone, R. Davis, C. Highsmith, T. Purello, A. Preheim, E. Hovander, I. Dunn, and L. Wilson for the inspiration. I’m so happy we got to spend the semester together, learning about and appreciating all those wiggly and wonderful creatures that make up the vast diversity of animals on the planet.

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